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Should You Bathe Your Baby in the Sink?
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Whew -- we’re in for a pretty controversial topic today - but it doesn’t have to be, really! Just think of this as a
7 Items That Will Make Your Baby’s Bath 10 Times
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    Bathing your baby can seem like the most complicated and meticulous work ever, but it won’t take you long before y
Mistakes to Avoid When Bathing Your Baby
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Many new parents may still struggle with bathing their baby in the first few months. This is pretty normal, and having
Hair Care Tips to Prevent Dry Scalp & Cradle Cap
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It is a universally known fact that if you have healthy and beautiful hair, you automatically feel good about yourself
A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Bathe Your Baby
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If you have never bathed a newborn before, you might be wondering how to get started. Even the most well-prepared new
What to Consider When Choosing Skincare Products
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Are you a new mom who wants to develop a good skincare routine for your baby? Babies already have smooth and soft skin
Weaning 101: Baby-Led Weaning vs Spoon-Fed Weaning
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Baby-led weaning trend has become more and more popular among moms. It has gained popularity, but of course, parents
Ways to Introduce Solid Foods to Your Baby
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Be it rolling on their tummy on their own or graduating to a sippy-cup from bottle, baby milestones are always excit
What To Do When Baby Start Teething
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Has your baby started teething? Let’s learn more about it here! Teething is the process whereby the teeth emerge

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